Since at least 2017, so much has been theorized, predicted, and argued about among critics and fans alike about what could have been with Zack Snyder’s fabled director’s cut of Justice League that it can be easy to forget there’s a fair amount we actually already know about the upcoming DC film. As its likelihood has progressed from a remote possibility to a sure thing to now an around-the-corner four-hour epic that will arrive in theaters on HBO Max on March 18, both the streaming service and director have released a treasure trove of promo videos, teasers, and clips that will give viewers a pretty good idea of what to expect–here, we’ve scooped up everything that’s been floating around so far.

What follows is a series of clips of varying length, working backwards chronologically from some short character trailers that have been released daily and will likely continue in the coming days. The most recent video is a Wonder Woman trailer, which, it should be pointed out, has been published on International Women’s Day, March 8. These clips do more than showcase costumes–in under a minute, each teaser strongly demonstrates how the character in the spotlight brings something different to the proverbial table when forming and protecting an alliance among superheroes. Check them all out below, followed by some more traditional trailers and the movie’s title opening.

Wonder Woman

The Flash




Title opening

Valentine’s Day trailer

November 17, 2020 teaser

After March 18, when Justice League is out in the wild, pretty much all questions will be answered–except for the fate of the promised –including a black and white IMAX version. Snyder recently revealed that his version of Justice League , and given the extended ramp-up to the film, it would be reasonable to expect some other surprises and wrinkles in what might be next from Snyder with all this.