Director Zack Snyder is continuing to release teaser videos for his upcoming cut of Justice League, so far maintaining the pace of one new quick look at a different superhero per day. On the heels of last week’s videos of and , Snyder has recently tweeted videos of Aquaman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman–each clocking in at just under a minute. Wonder Woman’s trailer, it should be pointed out, has been published on International Women’s Day, March 8. The four-hour epic will arrive in theaters on HBO Max on March 18.

With a total of five of these videos now out, a clear recurring theme in each of them are the hardships, opportunities, and complications each hero faces in forming and protecting an alliance among superheroes. Where Superman’s more showcased his infamous black suit and Batman’s hinted at his desire to bring more unity to the land, these three newcomers hit much harder on each hero’s desire to overcome their fears about a world being worse off without them stepping up. Check them out below.

Given the expansive roster of characters in Snyder’s cut of Justice League, it would be safe to assume we will likely be seeing more of these in the run up to March 18. Similarly, fans would likely be best advised to pace themselves when it comes to expectations of what the four-hour epic will all entail–Snyder recently revealed that his version of Justice League . Snyder has said he’s made peace with the fact that the film’s loose threads will likely never be properly addressed, but he’s also said –including a black and white IMAX version.

IGN Fan Fest also recently revealed a lot about the new movie. We saw the intro to the HBO Max Snyder Cut of Justice League and the director explained why Joker is in the movie.