Apex Legends is now available on Nintendo Switch, letting you experience the popular battle royale while you binge a streaming show or visit the restroom. Or both at once, we don’t judge. Obviously you’ll need a stable Internet connection for the multiplayer FPS, but other than that you can tote it around wherever you want.

You can find Apex Legends on the Nintendo eShop. The game is listed as 25 GB, but Nintendo suggests you have at least 30 GB available on your system to accommodate it. And like Apex on any other platform, it requires an EA account.

This is dropping right in the middle of Season 8: Mayhem, so to make sure Switch players aren’t left in the dust behind other platforms, EA has arranged a few boosts for the new platform. For one, you’ll get a 30-level head start for free, rocketing you to around the level most players have reached in the battle pass right from the start. In addition, you’ll get double XP for the first two weeks after launch, letting you keep up that momentum.

Meanwhile, today also marks the start of Apex Legends’ Chaos Theory Collection event. That town Takeover event will feature Caustic, and debut a Ring Fury Escalation Takeover mode. That event lasts through March 23.

Apex Legends is one of a handful of very successful free-to-play battle royale games, joining the ranks of Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone. It has its own unique world and lore, though, as a spin-off of Respawn’s Titanfall franchise. Respawn has been regularly adding new characters to the roster along with new seasonal events and modes, and it has promised the Switch version will have feature parity and cross-play with the other platforms.

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