A Microsoft executive has said that there are more Xbox games coming this year that we don’t yet know about. In an interview with the Iron Lords podcast that focused on the Xbox Series X, Xbox’s director of program management Jason Ronald was asked what game he was most looking forward to in 2021. In response, he said the following: “Not all games that are releasing this year have been announced.”

While this certainly isn’t a surprise, given that there’s still a lot of 2021 left to go, it’s not clear if Ronald was referring to games made by Microsoft’s own Xbox Games Studios or any other studios that the console juggernaut owns, such as Halo developer 343 Industries. Ronald might also be referring to studios that Microsoft is in the process of buying, such as Bethesda.

Currently, Microsoft’s biggest release of the year is Halo Infinite, which is scheduled to come out in Fall 2021. The studio is also publishing Psychonauts 2, which doesn’t have a concrete release date, but is scheduled to come out in 2021, though it will also come to the PlayStation 4. However, in the above tweet, the GM of Xbox Games marketing recently said that there will be no announcements of major games like Elden Ring coming soon, so it’s not clear when we might get some more details on these upcoming games.

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