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Just a few more days until the start of the European League of Legends Championship Series, boys and girls! LCS Lock-In event is already underway, and we’re literally counting down hours until the start of the LEC spectacle! Other regions are set to arrive at the party soon! In the meantime, betting on 2021 LEC Spring Split ought to become one of the most in-demand esports betting markets out there.

Are you planning on joining the mix too? If you are, you’re going to love our guide for betting on 2021 LEC Spring Split. We won’t just talk about the most notable teams (AKA the ones you should be betting on), but their respective title chances, betting opportunities, and interesting facts too.

All the things you’d come to expect from one of our event previews, to be exact!

Where Can I Start Betting on 2021 LEC Spring Split?

If you’re late into the world of esports betting, you might be asking where to start betting on 2021 LEC Spring Split. If that’s really the case, take a look at the list of our favorite LoL betting sites out there:

Why these bookies? Well, it’s all explained in the article itself, but if you are too lazy to read the whole thing, the key characteristics can be found right down below:

  • Interface simplicity
  • Customer support efficiency
  • Generosity
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Bet variety
  • Consistency

These are the key criteria we’ve used when building the above-featured list of LoL bookies. If those are the thing you value too (and you should, really), checking out our guide should be your top priority!

2021 LEC Spring Split Preview – Interesting Facts

The 2021 Spring Split of the European League of Legends championship starts this Friday. It’s set to last all the way to March 14th and deliver thrilling League matches in their purest, most competitive form. We’ve never had this many potent teams in LEC; I’m not just talking about talent here, but experience too.

G2 is obviously the first name on the team sheet even though they’ve chased Perkz off to NA, but the competition won’t be lacking, that’s for sure! Rogue and MAD Lions are coming back to LEC enriched with their LoL Worlds experience. Fnatic ought to be an important name in the mix, but many doubt their effectiveness now that Rekkles is out of the equation.

Tournament Format

Unsurprisingly, the LEC format remains unchanged for the upcoming 2021 Spring Split. That means betting on 2021 LEC Spring won’t have any surprises format-wise. The same can’t be said for the LCS 2021 Spring Split which is set to feature a drastically different format. Heck, the all-new Lock-In tournament is in full flow – you might want to try it out.

As for LEC, no changes were needed. The format that brought Europe back to the international discussion is not going to be changed in the foreseeable future, that’s for sure!

What’s the format we’re referring to here? Well, it’s a 10-team double round-robin setup with all matches played in a best of one fashion. The top six teams will get their chance to compete in the playoffs – top four from the winners’ and bottom two from the losers’ bracket. And that’s about it as far as the 2021 LEC Spring Split format is concerned!

Online Environment

Unfortunately, if you’ll be betting on 2021 LEC Spring Split, you’ll be betting on an online event. Yep, due to restrictions that burrowed the entire EU in a top-tier lockdown, all LEC matches will be played in an online environment.

And that’s something you shouldn’t take for granted… especially if you are planning on investing a bunch of money on 2021 LEC Spring betting. You see, teams (individual players, to be more precise) react differently to playing in an online environment. Some enjoy the behind-closed-door setting, while others feed off of the electric crowds.

That’s what makes this season of LEC even more chaotic than usual. Betting-wise, it ought to create problems for League of Legends betting enthusiasts during the first few weeks, but it’s all in the job description, to be frank.

Special 2021 LEC Spring Bets

As you’d expect, LoL betting websites already feature plenty of betting options on the upcoming regional. Championships. They’re already covering the LCS Lock-In event, as well as the opening-round of LEC matches.

Outrights are available too, and that’s something we’re going to discuss in more detail later on. For now, let’s walk you through the most common League of Legends specials:

  • Match-winner – This is your typical team vs. team wager here. You’re supposed to guess which of the two teams will win the match. They don’t come any simpler than this, really.
  • First blood – If you’re in for a short bet, if you can’t be bothered to watch a full match of League anymore but you still want those cheap betting thrills, first blood wagers are for you.
  • Player vs. player kills – You’re not betting on the match outcome here, but the total number of kills between two specified players. For example, it’s G2 vs. C9 and the bookie selects Rekkles and Perkz. In this scenario, you’re supposed to guess which of them will have more kills at the end of the match.
  • First baron/dragon/turret – Yep, you can bet on which team is going to kill/destroy the first baron, dragon, or turret in the match. This one is pretty straightforward, nothing more to add here.
  • Match duration – Bookies give an average match duration (f.e. 32:00) and you’re supposed to guess if the match is going to be shorter or longer than the specified number.
  • Outright winner – This is the bet type we’ve addressed earlier. As stated above, outrights are already available – they allow you to bet on the winner of the whole event rather than a single match.

G2 Still the Heavy Favorites

Even without Perkz, G2 are still the leading horses in the LEC race. Everyone expects them to strut their stuff with Rekkles; heck, they themselves must be pretty confident in their chances to shine this year. While I do think they’ll need some time to properly synchronize, their LoL Worlds 2021 performance shouldn’t be in jeopardy.

That said, I do not think their LEC 2021 title is in jeopardy either… all I’m saying they might surprise us once or twice before they puzzle everything in. It’s quite the contrary, actually – this LEC season is going to be pretty boring as far as title contenders are concerned. G2 made sure of that by slapping together the best Western team of all time!

On the bright side, the race for the LoL Worlds tickets ought to be more interesting than ever. The same old candidates are in it, but all of them will fancy their chances, now more than ever. That’s obviously going to leave G2 with even more breathing space, hopefully allowing them to invest more time into training ahead of another expectations-packed LoL Worlds campaign.

What about people interested in betting on 2021 LEC Spring Split – should they invest their hard-earned money on G2? Well, I don’t see a reason why they shouldn’t. Well, don’t do it right away – wait a week or two for G2 to test the waters with Rekkles onboard. That ought to give you a better perspective on what to expect from them as the Spring Split goes into full rampage mode.

Dark Horses Galore

Yep, if you’re going to be betting on 2021 LEC Spring Split, G2 ought to be one of your most cherished picks. Ocelote’s team is the behemoth of the region. It’s LEC’s catalyst; G2 is the team that keeps bringing LEC to the international discussions… and the rest of the team are well aware of that.

The rest of the league could very easily be placed under one simple title – dark horses. But, to keep things clean and simple in this section of our LEC 2021 Spring betting guide, here’s a quick look at the three biggest title contenders:

Fnatic Looking Good

Fnatic was a part of the biggest roster change last year. As mentioned already, the Swedish team had to part ways with Rekkles. In comes Elias “Upset” Lipp, a 21-year-old German prodigy hoping to, as his nickname suggests, create an upset this season.

For everyone looking for 2021 LEC Spring, Fnatic ought to be a high-value contender. They haven’t been that good last year; consistency issues plagued them throughout the whole year. Still, saying their new roster can’t properly content G2 for the top spot would be the epitome of a false statement. Selfmade, Hylissang, Upset… Fnatic is looking good, that’s for sure!

LoL LEC 2021 Betting Preview

Rogue Hoping for an Upset

Rogue’s rise to success in 2020 was unexpected, to say the least. No one really thought Vander and the boys could finish at the top of the league last summer. But, it happened – courtesy of Vander and company. Knowing that, it’s
Should you bet on Rogue? Well, if you are, you better hope their consistency is on the same level as it was last year. Rogue is a tough team to beat in LEC, no matter who’s on the opposing end. Hopefully, they’ve learned something from their 2020 Worlds displays and will use it to their advantage this season.

MAD Lions Will Want to Impress

Just like Rogue and G2, MAD Lions represented LEC on last year’s LoL Worlds. They were the worst out of the LEC bunch, though, failing to get out of the group stage despite being place into a relatively easy group. Fast-forward a couple of months and this MAD Lions roster will want to impress in this year’s LEC Spring Split.

Last year, they finished the Spring Split in fourth place with 11-7 on the scoreboard. With just one extra win, MAD Lions finished Summer Split in the second place, above both G2 and Fnatic. We all know what happened in the playoffs, let’s not go there again.

What do we expect from MAD Lions? Well, knowing they got new players in jungle and top, the start of their 2021 competitive season ought to be tough. Their base trio will definitely come into this one with a lot more strut in their game, courtesy of their LoL Worlds participation, but it’s highly unlikely they’ll snatch the title away from G2.

Outright Betting on 2021 LEC Spring

As mentioned somewhere in the introduction, outright betting on 2021 LEC Spring is a thing! Betting on outright winners of LEC Spring splits became a thing long before the EU LCS to LEC transition and the whole franchising movement.

And it’s not surprising considering the sheer popularity of the European League of Legends scene. The betting demand is always massive, we’re talking LoL Worlds massive. LEC and LCS always enjoyed plenty of popularity in the LoL betting scene, so it’s no wonder real money sportbooks are going the extra length to keep their users happy.

Here’s what you can expect in terms of odds on outright betting on 2021 LEC Spring:

Team Odds
G2 -286
Fnatic +500
Rogue +700
MAD Lions +900
Schalke +2500
Excel +4900
SK +6600
Vitality +6600
Misfits +8000
Astralis +9900

It takes no genius to realize why G2 are considered the heavy favorites. Usually, when a team loses a star such as Perkz, they’d be considered a dark horse at best… but not G2! They are still a level above everyone else and it’s not even surprising considering the team they’ve built around the Croatian star over the years. Rekkles could be the final piece of the puzzle – people suggest G2 won’t even feel Perkz is missing but I feel that’s going to be far from the real picture.

Still, G2’s title aspirations are in no danger at all. Fnatic and Rogue could perhaps contest the race with enough consistency against bottom-of-the-pack teams, but I expect G2 to sweep them in head-to-head contests. That said, -286 on G2 is actually good value considering the state of affairs in LEC. If you’re hunting for high-risk bets, Rogue at +900 could be worth it, though it’s a far stretch, if we’re being totally honest here.

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