The 2021 LCS Spring Split betting craze is just about to start! The tensions are high, the teams had plenty of time to recuperate and make necessary roster alterations, and we’re about to experience the start of a brand-new LCS schedule.

These next few weeks ought to be outright chaotic because of all the format changes. No worries, we’ll address them in more detail later on. The most important thing you should know about right away is the Preseason Lock-In event. It’s a brand-new asset in LCS competitive season and the only thing you can bet on at the moment. More on that later on!

For now, our attention swirls towards 2021 LCS Spring Split betting opportunities. Let’s inspect the best bookmakers first!

New and Improved LCS 2021 Season

Before we kick this section off, I advise you to take a look at the official LCS season update. It’s a comprehensive read, but worth your time.

If you’re too lazy or you don’t have time to read through all that, the next section ought to be right up your alley… at least in terms of betting on 2021 LCS Spring Split!

Format Changes

2021 LCS Spring Split is divided into three parts.

  • LCS Lock-In Event – January 15th to 30th
  • LCS Spring Split – February 5th to March 14th
  • Mid-Season Showdown – March 20th to April 11th

The show continues with the Summer Split lasting from June 4th through August 1st, finalized with LCS Championship from August 7th to 29th. No worries guys, the changes aren’t as drastic as they might seem at the first glance.

The Lock-In event is pretty much a standalone competition that doesn’t really have any effect on the rest of the season. It’s basically a short three-week event introduced for three main reasons. First, to build hype ahead of the all-new season of LCS. Second, to allow teams to test things out in a safe environment… and three, to allow 2021 LCS Spring Split betting enthusiasts to test the waters too.

Why should LCS teams participate in it then? Well, for starters, they have to. Plus, there’s a solid $150,000 winner-takes-all grand prize, with an additional $50,000 going to a charity of their choice. Not too shabby, don’t you agree?

The remainder of the season is pretty straightforward with minor changes. The rankings don’t reset after the end of the Spring Split – they carry over and drastically increase the importance of consistency later on in the season.

What about Mid-Season Showdown? What’s that all about? No worries fellas, that’s just Riot Games mixing up the nomenclature and going all fancy on us.

Most Notable Contestants

Now let’s change up the pace a bit. Instead of rushing through cold hard facts about 2021 LCS Spring Split betting, let’s check out the most notable contestants – the teams you should bet on if you value good returns.


Obviously, we’re starting off with the LCS team that had the biggest share of news coverage over the last few weeks or so. It’s Cloud9, of course, the worldwide renowned NA team whose expectations must be sky-high for the 2021 LCS season.

Last year, their LCS performance was pretty solid, especially early on when their winning mentality was through the roof. Their form dropped as the season went on, and they failed to take a stance on the 2020 LCS Summer Playoffs.

But, 2021 ought to be their year. 2021 ought to be the year in which Cloud9 snatch the LCS trophy and make a statement on the Worlds. The latter doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll reach well into the playoffs, but venturing past the group stage isn’t mission impossible. It all depends on how quickly Perkz will sync up with his new team.


Team SoloMid are the defending LCS champions. Their rise to the top of NA last season was a pretty weird one. No one really thought they’d make it that far… but they kept rising up to the occasion, defeating C9, Liquid, and FlyQuest. And to think it all started with a 3:0 blowout against Golden Guardians; damn!

The only problem is – Bjergsen is out of the equation. TSM can’t count on their leader anymore. He will be missed, that’s for sure; his experience and mechanical skillset will be difficult to match. It will be interesting to see what TSM can do to alleviate such a major loss. Failing to do so will almost certainly result in a poor performance this season.

Team Liquid

As stated earlier, TSM and Team Liquid will be the biggest threats to C9’s title tendencies. The latter ought to prove to be a tougher nut to crack. Boosted by the arrivals of Alphari and Santorin, Team Liquid will be hoping for a marvelous 2021 LCS season. LoL Worlds qualification is the prime goal, though I reckon they’ll be looking for a proper title run too.

Do they stand a chance? Well, I honestly consider them a level above TSM. Don’t get me wrong, both teams have their strengths and weaknesses, but considering TL’s newest arrivals, they should have the competitive edge here.

Evil Geniuses

Next up, let’s talk about Evil Geniuses! Last year, EG’s machinery went the route everyone expected. They reached the playoffs as a true middle-of-the-pack team, finishing the Summer Split in sixth place. They had a close encounter with FlyQuest which could’ve gone either way. Unfortunately for EG, they were on the losing end, but luckily 100T were no match for them.

Svenskeren and the EG boys have a solid mixture of experience and talent. Their newest arrivals, Impact and IgNar, will be under extra scrutiny, especially during the Lock-In event. Much of EG’s initial snowballing potential will be up for grabs in Lock-In.

If they can reach working temperature right away, they might be an important figure for the top four discussions. If, on the other hand, they fail to assert their dominance and reach middle-of-the-pack status in Lock-In, they will be in a world of trouble later on.

100 Thieves

Lastly – 100 Thieves! While 100T did reach last year’s Summer Playoffs, they lost 3:0 against EG right off the bat. They were seeded into the losers’ bracket which meant they were ready to pack their bags. What sort of performance can we expect from them in 2021?

I expect 100T to do much better this year! Realistically, the sheer tenacity and resilience of their roster, coupled with the fact they should have superior synergy at the start of the season, ought to have a positive impact on their performance. I expect a lot from them; I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up clinching the Worlds!

Outright Betting on 2021 LCS Spring

Unfortunately, due to the all-new format and the changes surrounding it, League of Legends betting sites have opted out of featuring outright winner LoL betting options on the whole event. On the bright side, they do have outright winner betting options for the inaugural LCS Lock-In event.

Before we go into more details, let’s check out the odds:

Team Odds
Cloud9 +150
Liquid +200
TSM +500
100 Thieves +700
Evil Geniuses +1000
FlyQuest +1600
CLG +2000
Immortals +2000
Dignitas +5000
Golden Guardians +5000

Perkz-powered Cloud9 is the clear-cut favorite here. Chances of them missing out on the opportunity to snatch another LCS title are next to non-existent. But, if someone’s going to take that flattering title and put it beyond C9’s reach, it’s Team Liquid. Don’t get me wrong, such a scenario is highly unlikely, but it does happen, it’s going to be courtesy of Team Liquid.

So, should your 2021 LCS Spring Split betting slips incorporate an outright winner wager on the inaugural Lock-In event too?

Well, yes if you like the odds on Cloud9 and Liquid. If +150 and +200 are too low for your taste, you’re better off avoiding this one altogether… or place a low stake wager on 100T. At +700, they could be a proper upset right off the bat.

Hey, it ain’t much, but it’s honest work!

Where to Bet on 2021 LCS Spring Split – Best LoL Bookmakers

Even though betting on League of Legends goes way back, newcomers are still flooding the gates! Plenty of people want to see what the LoL betting fuss is all about; plenty of them are just one-timers wanting to get some cheap thrills. No matter your personal betting preferences, if you’re a newcomer and you can’t find a good bookie on your own, our LoL betting sites guide is what you should be reading next.

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