The answer in short, yes. So the obvious follow up question, Can I afford the best gaming table ever? Well until February 19th the Kickstarter campaign gives you 35% off the MSRP of this amazing table and multiples bonus offers have already been unlocked. If the Kickstarter reaches its goal of A MILLION in pledges all the EVERYONE that backed a table will get $90 in FREE ADD ONS!

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What makes this the best gaming table?

After two years of testing, trying and listening to feedback the table has been refined to be both stylish and functional.
-Water Resistant Dining Top
-Cup Holders
-Optional USB Chargers
-Recessed Playing surface

AND SO. MUCH MORE! You can customize it in so many ways!!

Be sure to check it out on BBO Poker Tables if you find this after the Kickstarter: https://www.bbopokertables.com/best-multi-game-table-with-dining-top