An exception was Silvergate, a cryptocurrency-focused lender, which for months faced an unusually high level of short interest compared to other banks – above 75% by the time it said it would wind down operations on March 8. regional banks grew last year, as rapidly rising interest rates slashed the value of some banks’ holdings in long-term assets such as home loans and government bonds. Some lenders were also challenged by exposure to cryptocurrency and technology companies.

The underlying issues exploded last month when depositor whole brain child approach flight spiraled out of control and regional lenders across the board saw their shares hit. Doctors had told his parents the chances of finding an exact match for the desperately sick infant were about 1 in 20,000. On any given day, 6,000 people worldwide are searching for a bone-marrow match and only three in 10 find one.  “The shorts in the months before the collapse were accurately warning the markets…that the bank (SVB) was being dangerously mismanaged,” Dennis Kelleher, President and CEO of Better Markets, a nonprofit industry group in Washington, DC, said in an email.

“The problem is once that collapse happened, shorts with various motives started targeting other banks.” A father from New Hampshire who had been banned from setting foot on the grounds of an elementary school showed up at a board meeting dressed as Julius Caesar to argue how the school district was ‘facilitating gender confusion’ because the school employs an male art teacher who wears women’s clothes. ‘There’s no definitive evidence of harm, but it is of course a notorious fact that in these sorts of cases – sexual offending against minors – harm doesn’t surface sometimes until a little bit later and sometimes decades later,’ he said.  As the crisis accelerated, JPMorgan Chase & Co equity analysts wrote on March 17 that short-sellers were “working collectively to drive runs on banks,” and venture capitalist David Sacks asked on Twitter whether “scurrilous short sellers” had used social media to exacerbate depositor flight from SVB.

Prosecutors revealed over the course of a month-long trial Valva and his then-fiancée forced son Thomas and his older brother, Anthony, to sleep in the garage of their Long Island home as temperatures plummeted below 20F.  Authorities have said they were first dispatched to the Long Island home where the boy had lived at around 9.40am after his father said the boy had fallen in the driveway and lost consciousness while running for the school bus. Following his release from an 18-week jail sentence for assault in July 2010, Moat arrived at his ex-girlfriend Samantha Stobbart’s mother’s house with a sawn-off shotgun, mistakenly thinking his ex was dating a police officer.

Porter Collins, co-founder of hedge fund manager Seawolf Capital, said he saw how rising interest rates would likely hit banks and, in early 2022, shorted SVB, Signature, First Republic, Silvergate and Charles Schwab Corp.. ‘However, no prison sentence is adequate for the cruel treatment this defendant inflicted on his own children. The torture that killed Thomas and endangered Anthony’s welfare was nothing short of evil.

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