Actress Florence Pugh has shared a behind-the-scenes photo and story from the making of the Ari Aster thriller Midsommar. Pugh, who played the main character in the epic break-up movie, revealed on Instagram that the lunchtime scene where everyone gathers at a very long table was more difficult to film that you might have imagined.

Everyone had sunglasses under their butts to put on between takes because the reflective nature of the table’s mirrors were “so blinding,” Pugh said. “In fact, some people started insisting that their character would wear them in the scene because the table was so bright,” she said.

The difficulty of the shoot didn’t end there, however, as Pugh remarked that the food on the table–which was real–became rotten and smelled terrible after days of shooting. “All the food on the table was real and by day three of shooting this scene was rotten and stank like vomit,” she said.

This scene, and others, was shot in Hungary during the summer. It was very hot, and Pugh said the actors had umbrellas hidden under the table to shield them from the sun between takes.

“All these actors were f**king troopers. Incredible people, incredible talent,” Pugh said. “Midsommar was one of those weird, crazy, manic, exhausting but beautiful projects that still make me shocked and amazed that we did what we did.”

Pugh ended her note by saying Aster, the director, “is a genius.”

You can see the full post on Instagram.

Pugh will be seen next in the Marvel movie Black Widow alongside Scarlett Johansson. She also stars in Olivia Wilde’s Don’t Worry Darling, which recently finished filming.

As for Aster, after Hereditary and Midsommar, his next project has a lot of anticipation behind it. The movie is called Disappointment Blvd., and we recently learned that Oscar-winner Joaquin Phoenix has come aboard to star in it.