Destiny 2 will not be holding a Trials of Osiris event this weekend due to an ongoing technical issue. The news comes after Bungie was forced to disable Trials of Osiris last weekend, apparently because of the same problem.

Bungie’s help account referenced last week’s incident in its tweet on the cancellation, adding that it would provide information on the following week “as it becomes available.” This could mean we’re looking at another cancellation next week if the problem can’t be solved, but this remains to be seen.

Trials of Osiris typically has players face off in Crucible matches for a chance at extremely powerful rewards based on the number of matches they’re able to win in a row. If you’re able to win seven matches in a row, you’ll get the best rewards for your “Flawless” run. Coins earned for participating can also be redeemed for rewards.

Bungie recently delayed its Destiny 2: The Witch Queen expansion into 2022. The studio said it continues working on making systemic improvements to the game and doesn’t want to excessively pressure developers on delivering the new content, especially with COVID still forcing them to work from home. Players still have exciting content coming up, however, as the original game’s Vault of Glass raid is coming to Destiny 2 in Season 14.

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