Season 2 of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War rolls on this week with more bundles and playlists, including a special one themed around St. Patrick’s Day. Activision outlined all of the new details in a blog post and we’re rounding up all the key points here, including the arrival of a new St. Patrick’s-themed Stockpile mode and weapon, both of which will release in Cold War on Thursday, March 11.

Black Ops Cold War Modes

Black Ops Cold War celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with the mode St. Patrick’s Stockpile. In this twist on Kill Confirmed/Stockpile, shamrocks drop when a player dies and the other side must collect and deliver them to the “Pot o’ Gold” to earn points. Players can deny opponents points by collecting these shamrocks before the enemy grabs them.

St. Patrick’s Stockpile goes live at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET on March 11 and runs through March 18. Additionally, Activision will move Face Off from the Featured playlist to quick play this week.

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New Store Bundle

The in-game Call of Duty store adds the Tool of War bundle beginning March 11. This bundle comes with the Bunker Buster melee weapon blueprint, the Revolutionary Garcia skin, the Pinch reticle, the Cuban Links watch, along with a new charm and sticker.

Also new in the store this week is the Monetezuma’s Curse bundle on March 14. It includes nine items in total with a Mayan theme. These items include the Mayan Malediction SMG (see below), the Aztec Assassin rifle, the Emerald Idol charm, the Dorado Dasher vehicle skin, and the Mask of Madness emblem. It also comes with a new watch, a vehicle horn, and two tier skips for the battle pass.

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Additionally, the St. Patrick’s Day-themed “Lucky” tracer pack will be available starting March 16. This bundle comes with five themed items, including the Shillelagh LMG, the Wee Lad assault rifle, the Pot O’ Gold charm, and the Lucky Frag sticker.

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is also getting some love this week, as Activision is unleashing the Season 2 – Day of Reckoning update that adds two more maps and additional weapons, along with a new 3v3 Snipers Only playlist for multiplayer. The game’s battle royale mode adds a new vehicle and class, while there will also be more items available in the battle pass to unlock.

Activision’s blog post did not contain any updates for Warzone, but we’ll report back with any new details should they be announced later. A recent tease involving zombies spreading across Verdansk may have been pointing toward a big in-game event.

In other news, a small patch is available now for Black Ops Cold War that includes some fixes for multiplayer, Zombies, and League Play.

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