Valorant is still out there! Yep, Riot Games’ brand-new first-person shooter still hasn’t lost its esports tendencies. Despite a rough start in 2020, plagued with online-only events and steadily decreasing hype, it’s safe to say Project A was supposed to kickstart its competitive campaign on a much better note. But, now that the hype ship has sailed, Riot Games have to make do with the card they have.

One thing is for sure, Valorant betting in 2021 is going to be on a whole new level in contrast to last year’s stuff. Valorant Champions Tour is definitely the biggest reason why I believe Valorant betting won’t disappear! Riot Games finally introduced a proper seasonal circuit for their new FPS, and we’re here to see which teams have the best chances of winning the December-Bound Valorant Champions finals!

More precisely, this piece is about the best Valorant teams in 2021. But, since we’re all about betting, our top five list isn’t just focused on sheer quality but upset potential and value too.

Valorant Betting 101

Before we dig into the five best Valorant teams to bet on, here are three important tips you should know about if you’re yet to place your first online bet on Valorant!

Should You Bet on Valorant?

Well, it’s a fun pastime, like many others in the esports betting niche. Esports, just like sports, have that special charm betting-wise. Watching the matches and being passionate is one thing… but having a small bet on the side is a completely different (read better) experience. No matter if you win or lose, the excitement and the good old thrill of the chase will get you. Nothing beats that!

Where to Bet on Valorant?

If you’re ready to invest some money into Valorant, the next question ought to be running through your mind any moment now – where do I place Valorant bets? Well, the answers are featured in our Valorant betting sites guide! Go on, take a look, you’ll love the amount of info shared there – it’ll be enough for a proper start to your Valorant betting adventure.

Is Valorant Betting Legal?

Here’s the deal – betting on Valorant in 2021 should be legal. I mean, most countries that deem online sports betting legal either support online esports betting or don’t have laws that specify betting regulations on competitive video games.

What I’m trying to say here is that it’s best to contact your local governing bodies… Looking up laws online can be confusing, but a short call with a gambling regulator should answer all of your questions.

Best Valorant Teams in 2021 – Betting Tips

Let’s not waste anymore of your time and go headfirst into the five best Valorant teams AKA the teams you should be betting on in 2021!

G2 Esports

Despite losing against Heretics in the semifinals of First Strike EU, G2 are still considered as one of the best teams on the old continent. They’ve won everything there was to be one prior to First Strike… and I’m sure their 2021 season will bring more of the same passion!

Heroics exploited all of their weak areas – it was painful to watch, really. But, that’s nothing a good set of training sessions can’t deal with! But, with davidp out of the starting roster, G2 came into 2021 with just four players. Are we going to see G2 make a roster alteration ahead of Valorant Champions Tour? If yes, can they remain among the best Valorant teams in 2021 with a new player? I guess we’ll find out soon enough!


Yep, I’m confident the First Strike display wasn’t the last of SUMN FC! This potent British team will be hoping to continue from where they left off in 2020. A splendid performance on First Strike EU which saw them reach the grand finals must’ve been a fine way to end the year for all SUMN FC players.

But, the reason why I believe SUMN FC belongs to this list of best Valorant teams to bet on is doma. Yep, doma, SUMN FC’s best fragger. The Croatian teenager has been an absolute champion throughout 2020. His teammates were feeding off spectacular performances by the young Croat… and I expect even better things to come if SUMN FC manages to keep him at bay. If not, I’m sure doma will remain an exciting Valorant prospect… one for the future, definitely!


Next up, let’s travel across the pond and check out two NA teams. Team SoloMid is the first one on the chopping block, let’s see what they’ve been up to in 2020! For starters, TSM bought Mousespaz on May 22nd – that’s how this team got together under the TSM banner.

Since their establishment, TSM have won six notable events and finished as the runners-up on two occasions. The end of 2020 was a bit harsh on retulC and the boys. First off, they lost against 100T in the grand finals of First Strike NA. Then, just a week later, they got eliminated from the group stage of JBL Quantum Cup.

These results leave much to be desired for the team that was supposed to carry the weight of the whole NA region. Ex-CSGO pros will have to get plenty of training sessions in before the start of Valorant Champions Tour later this month.

100 Thieves

100 Thieves had a pretty good end to 2020! They’re coming into 2021 with a pretty good form, having been very successful in their final two events of the year. A quick reminder, 100T ended up winning First Strike North America, the biggest event of last season. Just a week later, they participated in JBL Quantum Cup. They reached the semifinals, but lacked just a bit of luck to eliminate Sentinels and qualify for the second consecutive grand finals.

Map-wise, 100 Thieves are strongest on Bind and Ascent. Split is their weak-spot, but I’m sure they’ve worked on it during the winter break. Stats-wise, Asuna and Hiko have been the most important players in times of dire need. They took it upon themselves to push 100T to great results… and it’s safe to say they’ve succeeded!

Vision Strikers

What’s Vision Strikers doing here? I thought this was a list of Valorant teams to bet on in 2021; high-value, upset-friendly bunch and all that… Well, Vision Strikers fit into this narrative perfectly – allow me to elaborate!

Vision Strikers are by far the best team in Korea, there’s no doubt denying that… but I’m wondering how they’ll perform against EU and NA teams cometh the first international events. It’s only a matter of time before the first Challengers events pop up, and we’re bound to see Vision Strikers go up against EU and NA finest.

In those matchups, I doubt we’ll see Koreans have a major (if any) advantage… especially against some of the above-featured teams. However, this only goes for the first international event, so if you’re ready to get your Valorant betting game going, this is something you should keep tabs on.


There’s nothing more to add here, really! Those were the five best Valorant teams to bet on in 2021. If you’re going to bet on Valorant this year, hope you’re prepared for a ton of entertainment. As stated in the intro, 2021 has all the makings of a Valorant spectacle… let’s just hope everything goes according to plans!

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