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The CSGO esports scene moves on with not one but two interesting events alongside the currently ongoing CS_Summit 7. As the title of this blog implies, I’m referring to DreamHack Open January. Yep, we’re looking at the start of a brand-new CSGO series, a monthly series that’s bound to lift the competitiveness level of tier-B teams and out-of-form EU and NA finest. DreamHack January betting options are already plentiful, and it’s not surprising considering the fact the likes of BIG and EG are set to participate.

DreamHack January has two separate events, EU and NA, just like you’d come to expect from a smaller event series. However, most of you probably know that the majority of good NA teams are located in Europe, meaning they will participate in the EU event. That leaves the NA contest in a sticky spot with four tier-B teams and a drastically lower prize pool.

The total prize pool amounts to $100,000, with the EU event snatching the biggest portion – $70,000. Even though it might seem fishy, it’s justifiable because the EU event features higher quality and quantity of teams.

With all that in mind, let’s turn our attention towards DreamHack betting opportunities and see if there’s anything worth your while!

Where to Bet on DreamHack Open January?

You can bet on DreamHack Open January on numerous online bookmakers. Yep, you don’t have to search far and wide for online betting sites anymore. It’s 2021 guys, these bookies are popping up left and right and it doesn’t take a genius to them!

Still, if you want the best possible user experience; if you want nothing but the ideal online esports betting conditions, you’ll want to explore the list of our favorite CS:GO betting sites. The list changes ever so frequently, so if you want to opt for one of the best-ranking bookies out there, that’s the route you should take!

Outright Betting on DreamHack Open January 2021

Typically, outright betting sections of our event previews are located offer lengthy information about the odds and best betting options, value-wise. This time around, we’re just going to say a couple of words about it and be done with it. How come?

Well, you see, DH Open January doesn’t have outright betting options. Even though there are roughly 24 hours before the start of the opening-round matches, not a single notable CSGO bookie offers outrights on this one. It’s nothing surprising – it’s as if we’ve gone back to mid-2020 when outright winner betting odds on CSGO events were virtually non-existent.

No worries though – upcoming events ought to have proper coverage. I’m referring to the upcoming BLAST Premier as well as IEM XV World Championship, both of which are scheduled for February. No worries, CSGO betting nerds, you’ll have stuff to bet on next month!

Tournament Format(s)

As stated earlier, DreamHack Open January betting adventure offers solid opportunities on two ends of the spectrum. The European event brings forth mainstream teams; the North American event brings forth up-and-coming NA sensations. It’s up to you to pick which of the two you fancy more!

Here’s a quick look at the group stage of the European event:

Group A Group B
BIG Gambit Esports
HellRaisers Sprout
FunPlus Phoenix Team Spirit
Evil Geniuses ForZe

The EU event has two double-elimination groups with four teams, two of which advance to the playoffs. The matches are a combination of bo1 and bo3s – opening and winners’ rounds are bo1 – elimination and decider are Bo3. As for the playoff, it’s going to be played in a standard single-elimination bracket with; semifinals as bo3, grand finals as bo5.

The NA event features only four teams and will be played in a double-elimination bracket from start to finish. All matches are bo3 except for the bo5 grand finals.

DreamHack January Betting Preview | Favorites

At the very first glance, the team sheet emphasizes two main candidates for hoisting the title – BIG and Evil Geniuses. Everyone else falls into the background and is likely to be swept away by these two CSGO giants.

Everything is laid out perfectly for a massive BIG vs. EG grand finals. You see, both teams have been placed in group A with HellRaisers and FPX. If they both qualify for the playoffs, they’ll play against the top two teams from group B. Assuming they justify their title as the heavy favorites and advance through to the grand finals, we’ll be in for a proper spectacle, well worthy of much bigger events!


BIG LogoMoving on with our DreamHack Januarry betting preview, let’s focus on BIG for a moment! The Germans were an absolute hit last year! They were the team to beat last summer and stretched their efficiency to massive heights. SyrsoN and the boys were on a brink of starting an era – that’s how good they were! One title after another, one massive scalp after another, they were making it rain out there and other teams were taking notes!

However, nothing lasts forever! BIG’s summer of dreams ended in August with their final notable title (DreamHack Open Summer). Sure, they’ve won Merkur Masters S2 in late November, but that’s not really a notable event by their standards.

BIG could make a statement in 2021 too! They have everything it takes for another successful year of competitive CSGO!

For starters, they haven’t had any roster alterations. Additionally, their key players are in good form, despite the team not doing their best in recent outings.

SyrsoN was definitely the leading player last year; one of the best players in the world, mind you. If he can get his consistency back in order, he has the potential to be as efficient as he was last year. Yessir, BIG will have title tendencies in 2021, not just on this event but most events they participate on!

Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses LogoEvil Geniuses had their ups and downs in 2020, just like BIG. In the end though, mostly thanks to Liquid’s poor performances, EG were crowned as the second-best team in NA, right after the biggest upset of the region, FURIA!

However, Evil Geniuses want more than that! They want international recognition, they want to win proper international titles and string together consistent results. Yep, consistency is the name of the game here and a win on this even would definitely be a massive leap in the right direction.
That said, betting on DreamHack Open January; betting on EG to be more precise, seems like a good move. Their match against BIG, though, is a different story, which is why I urge you not to invest too much money into it!

What About EG’s Recent Campaign?

Well, it’s not worth mentioning, really. Well, sure, EG did win against FURIA in the Blast Premier Global Final – Brehze and the boys eliminated the team that caused them major issues last year… but that didn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things as Liquid got the better of them in the next round.

As for DH Open January, you can rest assured Brehze and the boys will give their best. They’re hungry for titles, they’re hungry for wins… and they’re bound to make a statement!


That about sums our DreamHack January betting preview up. As stated earlier, it might not be the biggest event this month, but it definitely has its charm. Both of them do, to be frank. Obviously, the European iteration possesses much more complexity as it features a much better set of teams. The prize pool is higher too, and that ought to do wonders for teams’ motivation.

There are plenty of betting opportunities to be found on both ends of the spectrum. If you know your way around CSGO esports, if you’ve been timing your entrance to the vast waters of CSGO betting, now is your time to shine!

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